Welcome! Thank you for stopping by to read the first Achievetec blog.  As the name suggests, we will be speaking our mind on our primary subject of interest: Enterprise Mobility.

We’ll try and give you insights from our perspective in the industry and our take on where this rapidly evolving market is potentially heading and helpful insights to guide you into the future…

There’s no denying there has been considerable uncertainty in the Enterprise Mobility sector relating to Microsoft. The core rugged Motorola Solutions devices, stable, sturdy and enduring as they are; have come up against the trendy competitor Android, (the IN platform) it seems everybody wants and consumers seem to be driving the software vendors to produce applications on the Android platform.

In an ideal world what we all want is hardware that we don’t ever have to change/migrate as this is where the hidden costs are!

Did you know that Microsoft have migrated the 6.5.3 platform to an embedded platform and extended support until 2020; so all is well again.

Even though Motorola Solutions guarantee their devices for three to five years on the current Windows 6.5 platform (along with comprehensive Gold & Bronze Service packages), in some cases this has not alleviated potential clients’ worries about being left behind what other competitors might be using. Nothing causes panic like out of date technology!

For a while Motorola and Microsoft did not seem to quash the fears in the market by announcing any new developments, or even produce a device that might be an attractive alternative for these customers, (although this has now been rectified with the news that a rugged Android device is in development.)

At present Motorola Solutions have no comparable rugged/tough pda’s/smartphones that operate on Android, and this has caused some of our clients to choose devices that may be all the rage now, but simply have no longevity or durability, not offering the chance of a decent return on investment because of the transient nature of the product.

Behind the scenes Microsoft has been working with business on developing Handheld Embedded. More info:  http://www.microsoft.com/windowsembedded/en-us/evaluate/what-is-windows-embedded.aspx

Even more encouraging is the direction it is taking with our main partners, Motorola Solutions.

Kevin Dallas, general manager, Windows Embedded, Microsoft Corp.

“Our work with Motorola Solutions is a key building block in helping to provide enterprises with the power of Windows Phone 8 for handheld devices within intelligent systems. From security and manageability to application compatibility across devices, the Windows Embedded 8 Handheld platform combined with Motorola’s innovative devices and tools will support integrated solutions for enterprises as they drive their businesses into the future.”

Here is the exciting low down on how Motorola Solutions are working with Embedded to bring amazing benefits to the retail sector: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/windows-embedded/archive/2013/01/14/intelligent-systems-defining-new-retail-experiences.aspx





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