Android For Enterprise: The TC55 has landed in style…

The long awaited new device from Motorola is worth the wait. We think that Motorola have really outdone themselves with this latest rugged launch!

Business With A Personal Touch…

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Today’s workers want to do business on a device that is every bit as small, appealing and easy to use as their own personal smartphones. But today’s smartphones fall far short of the business durability and feature set that discerning customers require. Introducing the TC55 Touch Computer — a rugged mobile device that looks and feels like today’s most popular smartphones, with everything workers need to work smarter and better serve customers, all in a rugged device that is built to last.

Features & Benefits of the new TC55 Touch Mobile Computer:

Advanced capacitive touch screen that works virtually anywhere: The 4.3 in. high-resolution display isn’t just bigger, it’s significantly better. Based on cutting-edge HAST LCD technology, the screen is brighter both indoors and outdoors, all while consuming substantially less energy (just one reason why the TC55 has industry-leading battery life). At 700 NITs, it has outstanding indoor luminance, and the screen’s transflective feature actually leverages direct sunlight to improve its image clarity, making it ideal for outdoor viewing as well. Furthermore, the capacitive touch panel dynamically adjusts to the current environment, enabling it to work with or without gloves, wet or dry and with your finger or a stylus.

Service from the Start for enhanced peace of mind: Included as standard when you purchase the TC55, Service from the Start provides normal wear and tear repair coverage for 24 months with a dependable three-day repair turnaround time, along with additional service options. No matter where you are located, Motorola’s global support infrastructure helps ensure expert repair, reliable turnaround times, along with prompt technical telephone, email and online support.

Fortified for the enterprise with Extensions by Motorola Solutions: New Mx features allow the user to upgrade the already powerful Android 4.1.2 OS to a more robust, enterprise solution. Increased compatibility with existing applications and an additional layer of management and security enhancements enable greater control and enterprise functionality.

Integrated Scanner and Imager for Fast, Accurate Data Capture: Increase productivity with the integrated 1D scanner, an optional 1D/2D ring-style Bluetooth scanner, an 8 MP camera, and Near Field Communications (NFC), so workers can quickly and easily capture virtually any type of data at the press of a button.

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Expanded enterprise software for rapid deployment: A wide variety of applications ready for Android are available to help businesses in many vertical markets improve mobile workforce efficiency.

The best of both worlds: Why settle for only looks or only performance? The TC55 is a complete business solution, featuring a sleek design without compromising the capabilities or durability you expect from an enterprise mobile device.

Leveraging over 80 years of Motorola voice leadership: From police to firemen, people all over the world rely on Motorola’s clear sound technology for life-saving decisions. The TC55 leverages this expertise to produce unparalleled voice output based on dual front-facing speakers that yield four times the volume of popular smartphones from Apple and Samsung. Coupled with dual microphones with precision, noise-cancelling technology, the TC55 delivers outstanding clarity at both ends of the call, even in noisy environments, for a no-compromise voice solution.

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Pertinent Questions                                                 

  • Do your workers want a small consumer-style smartphone form factor but need enterprise-class durability and features?
  • Would you like to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of the Android operating system, but are very concerned about application compatibility, security, device management and the ability to utilise an enterprise-class feature set?
  • Field service operations: Would you like to reduce the cost per visit, enable technicians to handle more sales calls per day and improve the quality of customer service?
  • Sales/merchandising operations: Would you like to improve sales and inventory management?
  • Postal/delivery operations: Would you like to enable real-time tracking and confirmation of deliveries?

Total Cost of Ownership: World-renowned mobile analyst group VDC Research prove that over five years, enterprises will spend fifty percent less to purchase and support rugged smartphones vs. consumer smartphones.

Factors include:

  • Consumer smartphones fail 20 percent of the time
  • Consumer smartphones do not have enough power to last a full shift, 20 percent of time
  • The device must be replaced more frequently due to lack of durability
  • The cost of downtime when a device breaks
  • Consumer units go end of life in months rather than years, so replacements and add-on units are problematic to source and require further recourse to the costs of testing and implementation.
  • Faster device churn often translates into the need for new accessories for new models
  • Incremental costs to add accessories to obtain business critical features, such as industrial bar code scanning

Read the VDC White Paper on TCO.

Examples of use in industry:

Home Healthcare: With anytime, anywhere access to patient data, records can be updated in real-time. Using the barcode scanner, nurses can scan the patient’s wristband and medication barcodes, ensuring the right patient receives the right medication and the right dose through the right route, at the right time. This creates an added security measure and a clear audit trail. Confidently use the TC55 in almost any enterprise environment.

With a user-replaceable battery, a super low power display and 2x the battery capacity of the competition, this device has plenty of power for a full shift. Inventory management – With an integrated 1D linear imager and 8MP camera, scanning barcodes on 1D and 2D medical supplies at the point of administration, eliminates the need to manual check stock. Automate inventory status and process orders for new stock seamlessly as they are used.

Emergency support – With multiple ways to communicate, using the latest networks. With dynamic rescheduling applications, support can be dispatched in the case of emergencies and appointments rescheduled based on priorities.

Field Service Mobility: Open the Lines of Communication – Help your workers collaborate with high-quality, reliable voice and data communication using the latest networks. Manage your workforce and workflow more effectively with location-based applications, optimized routing and real-time updates.

True Mobility – Your workers now have all the information they need to complete work orders in the field and move on to the next task, enabling seamless workflow. Confidently use the TC55 in almost any enterprise environment. This durable, reliable device is built to survive drops, spills, tumbles, rain, cold, dirt and more, enabling uninterrupted workflow. With a user-replaceable battery, a super low power display and battery life that outperforms the competition, this device has plenty of power for a full shift.

Enterprise_Application_TC55_Field_Service_Camera_A29Q7909_David_Johnson (2)

Access to Organisation Data – When out in the field, your workforce has the real-time information they need to get the job done literally at their fingertips. Enhance every customer interaction with all the resources needed to better serve your customers on the spot.

Law Enforcement: True Mobility – Your officers now have all the information they need to respond to situations in the field and the functionality to capture and record critical intelligence. With a range of data capture options including an integrated 1D linear imager, intelligence can be captured, reviewed and circulated with colleagues.

Confidently use the TC55 in almost any environment. This durable, reliable device is built to survive drops, spills, tumbles, rain, cold, dirt and more, enabling uninterrupted operations. With a user-replaceable battery, a super low power display and 2x the battery capacity of the competition, this device has plenty of power for a full shift.

Enhancing Efficiency – When on the street, your officers have the real-time communications they need to get the job done. From access to daily briefings to e-citations and field reporting the TC55 help increase visibility on the streets and enhance police efficiency.

It’s not just us saying how great this touch computer is – see some reviews:

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TC55 Introduction Video

On the Road to a Productive Day

Flexible Dual Mode Touch Panel

Enterprise Data Capture

Enterprise Class Durability

Business Tough Even In Wet Conditions

Achievetec are proud to be partnering Skillweb to supply the TC55 to the Security Sector. See the advantages of SmartTask Security on the TC55:

More information is also available on our website. You can contact us via our freephone number 0800 542 0811 or via Twitter #AskAchievetec



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