How to maximise your return on investment: Deploy rugged rather than consumer smartphones.

Yes you guessed it; we’re wading in to the Rugged versus Consumer debate!

We are now in the era of confluence: Where consumer devices have infiltrated the traditional enterprise space.

Heavy Equipment ET1_D3X4213 (2) 4 web bannerExciting new options from Motorola Solutions such as the new TC55, MC40 and ET1 tablet combine the best of both worlds for enterprise customers. Increasingly businesses are considering consumer smartphones for outdoor and challenging environmental usage, but they do not have the durability, manageability or functionality necessary for everyday use in harsher business applications. Some popular analysts report that consumer smart phones increase TCO by up to 50% compared to rugged devices. But not all situations are the same.

Hard & Soft Costs:

Hard Costs that are written into the tender are the ones that procurement departments are most concerned with, eg. the actual hardware, platform, peripherals and software costs. Hidden costs can range from 60-70% of ongoing contract costs, such as initial and ongoing training, system maintenance and technical support, downtime, including lost manpower, lost revenue and HW replacement. The time taken to repair and replace consumer devices can roll into weeks.

Each 1% increase in device failure equates to a 5% increase in TCO.

Consumer device longevity is much shorter than durable and rugged, with smartphone platforms only lasting for a year or two.


“A non-rugged device (consumer smartphone) will have a 27% higher TCO compared to a rugged device over 4 years based on the *Platform pattern using 500 unit deployment.”

Gartner – TCO Mobile Devices 2012 Update


The Hidden Costs of Consumer Grade Devices:

Key investment recommendations:

  • Let the application and environment drive device selection
  • Don’t make accessories an afterthought
  • Prepare for the ‘hidden costs’
  • Don’t underestimate post deployment management and support costs
  • Focus on sustainable application development
  • Develop mobile talent
  • Battery management is a key requirement

TC55 poster snapshotBuilt for all day enterprise use – unlike smartphones with a 3-5 year lifecycle:

  • 1.2M drop spec (military standard rating for reliability)
  • Tumble tested – survives 300 consecutive hits in Motorola’s tumble drum
  • IP67 – (Ingress Protection) survives submersion in water for 30 minutes
  • Corning Gorilla Glass  2 display/scanner exit – prevents scratches and shattering when dropped
  • TC55 vs. Consumer Products – TCO White Paper

Environmental factors:

  • Use of device in direct sunlight
  • Use of device with a gloved hand in the rain (perfect for Utilities, Construction & Field Service)
  • Use of device in wet conditions
  • Device exposure to extreme (high/low) temperatures
  • Device exposure to extreme vibration

Motorola Solutions TC55 Video: Business Tough Even in Wet Conditions:

Consumer devices forego Enterprise core values:

  • Security Vulnerabilities – No application lockdown/White listing, User vs. IT control
  • Limited WiFi Support – Poor or no support for 5GHz (interference avoidance & system capacity). Limited security profiles, limited fast roaming.
  • Consumer Lifecycles – Regular OS and device updates, often with compatability issues and form factor changes.
  • Durability/Impact Susceptibility
  • Low audio output
  • Limited data privacy
  • No roadmap, making future planning a challenge
  • Consumer focussed
  • Battery Management – lower energy batteries to maintain slim profile, no battery replacement or swap, lifecycle and management.
  • Multi-piece Solutions – Scanning, imaging, supplemental battery
  • Multi-User – Designed for single user whereas enterprise customers often need shared devices.
  • Limited Data Collection
  • Compliance to Rgulatory Mandates
  • Theft – Purpose built devices are not generally sought out for theft
  • App Procurements

New – Total Cost of Ownership Tool:

enterprise-application-tc55-field-service-rain-close-up-david-johnson-2-4-web-banner2Achievetec now have access to Motorola Solution’s latest online TCO calculator, which will enable us to make a comparison between the value of a rugged device against an alternate consumer smartphone you may be considering. With specific numbers and expected lifecycle and usage, we can produce a custom PDF report for our enterprise customers which give an executive summary, plus:

  • Detailed Results by Cost Category and Cost Year
  • Cumulative Project Costs
  • Considerations Beyond TCO
  • The Importance of TCO Analysis
  • Data Entered into Model & Underlying Assumptions

Other Resources:

GartnerTotal Cost of Ownership of Mobile Devices 2012 Update

White papers:

Selecting The Right Mobile Device – For Your Healthcare Environment 

IDG Connect – Field Mobility Research

VDC Research – Mobility In Manufacturing & Logistics

VDC Research – Tablets in the Enterprise


Mobile Enterprise – 3 False Assumptions About Enterprise Devices

Field Technologies Online – The Pro-Rugged Perspective — Why Consumer-Grade Just Won’t Cut It For Our Field Operation

Stephen Northcott’s Blog for Motorola Solutions

You are welcome to #AskAchievetec about ROI and TCO and also about any previous blogs or other aspects of your enterprise. We’d be happy to give you advice and information to help you with your enterprise mobility needs. Call us on 0800 542 0811 or email: or tweet us @achievetec.

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Reliable, High Speed Wi-Fi That Can Be Deployed Anywhere – Seamless Network Coverage Both Indoors And Outdoors

We live in an increasingly connected world. The internet of things is part of our daily lives, and the explosion of smart phone usage is still growing exponentially. Machines talking to machines: so that at the touch of a button we can be connected to any organisation and anyone at any time.

But as the density of users increases, so does the strain on a system that doesn’t have the capability to do the job reliably. Data growth is predicted to be fifty times greater by 2020.  Wireless networks will have to cope with increased applications as field mobility continues to expand. Customers are being forced to do more with less, but still keep abreast of the changes.

All too often we hear laments of slow connections at peak times: frustrations can boil over when you’re working to a deadline and your bandwidth has been transformed from a torrent into a trickle. Or the weary cries of workers, thwarted as their network connection drops in and out without warning. There are enough pressures on business today, without the added problem of downtime and lost productivity from these all too well documented Wi-Fi challenges.

Why doesn’t Motorola shout louder that they have the best Wi-Fi solutions in the world? (After all, they invented it).

Let’s ask the question: what sets Motorola wireless technology apart from the competition?

Motorola_Heritage_1989G0017 (2)There are many companies competing in the wireless space: Aerohive, Aruba, Cisco, Meraki and Ruckus to name but a few. But none can match Motorola Solutions WLAN for the breadth of features and technical capability. Motorola Solutions has 80 years of experience in this field, and created the first wireless LAN switch. When Neil Armstrong uttered his immortals words from the surface of the moon, guess whose network it was on!

Motorola currently holds the Guinness World Record for the highest density usage on a single access point (AP). During the attempt 84 laptops were simultaneously streaming data. That’s some serious bandwidth!

Motorola Solutions sets a Guinness World Record:

I hope I’ve convinced you of their pedigree.  But now it’s time to get technical and offer you proof that only Motorola Solutions can offer you the most comprehensive, secure, reliable, flexible and value for money wireless LAN in the market – period.

Customers tell us that they want the following features:

  • Capacity – many users being able to log in at the same time
  • To prioritise traffic – some data is more important
  • On boarding – to simplify the connection of different devices onto the network e.g. BYOD
  • An operational network – it has to be reliable
  • Architectural flexibility – be able to upgrade and use the same software

Save money and get your business kitted out with the most advanced Wi-Fi in the world…

5G WiNG 5

WNS_WLAN_Family Shot_0811_APs_v3 (2)Motorola’s 5th generation WiNG 5 Wireless LAN operates around a central wireless controller, and because the intelligence is spread over the network it offers unrivalled business continuity. The network can function with or without a controller, with a virtual controller, with a cloud based controller or any mix of these to suit each customer’s specific needs. No other vendor can provide this unique architecture. In short, it means there will be no bottlenecks, and it will enable unrestrained scalability, and has been future proofed for increased capacity with speeds of up to 1Gpbs per second.

WiNG 5 OS is designed to scale efficiently from the smallest networks to large, geographically dispersed deployments.

With WiNG, you can build any size network, from a small WLAN network in a single location to a large multi-site network that reaches all around the globe.

Motorola WiNG 5 WLAN Solutions Overview:

Motorola Solutions Delivers The New 802.11ac High Speed Wireless Standard:

Motorola Solutions WiNG 5 Next Generation Wireless OS:

Connectivity that adapts to its environment

Thanks to Smart RF technology APs can self-heal potential problems, increase power for users with weak devices, eg, iPhone. They also have interference avoidance built in. Smart RF is dynamic so the system can re-configure itself, and re-route around overloaded components. Customers can manage one comprehensive wireless network across the entire organisation; and to suit any organisation size.

It’s not just available inside. It can be deployed anywhere you go. Motorola also offers best in class for outdoor solutions. By utilising the high performing outdoor 802.11n wireless AP 7181 nodes, a network operator has the capability to expand and extend the network from inside-out or outside-in as requirements demand.

With IP67 protected APs you can have seamless network coverage in extreme conditions of heat and cold, dust and dirt and waterproof, to immersion of 1 metre.

AP 7181 Access Point – is an outdoor high performance multi-radio 802.11n mesh access point providing superior network capacity and data rates.

Motorola’s mesh technology means you can cover virtually any area without installing cabling, enabling the creation of cost-effective outdoor wireless networks that can provide coverage to enterprise workers in vast campus-style environments as well as public safety personnel/paramedics who are on the move.

Warehouses, hospitals, schools & colleges, hotels & estates, airports, retail outlets, transport & logistics, military installations, even whole towns can be covered!

Network Assurance

With outdated technology you won’t know that your network isn’t working properly; and by then you have a problem and it’s too late to recover lost productivity. WiNG5 provides pro-active network assurance. Make down-time a thing of the past.

Advanced Troubleshooting

With centralised WLAN troubleshooting customers have access to historical and real time data. Prevention can be done remotely.

Wi-Fi Security you can trust with your most sensitive data…


With cyber-crime ranking among the top problems facing organisations and businesses today, you can relax in the knowledge that your network and your data are safe. With large fines being levied for loss or theft of records it will give you peace of mind knowing you have intrusion prevention against hackers and rogue elements.


The Motorola AirDefense Infrastructure Management solution offers centralised management and control for the wireless enterprise – a single console for multi-vendor, multi-architecture, multi-generation and multi-version WLAN management.

The Motorola AirDefense Infrastructure Management Solution provides:

  • Complete WLAN network visibility within one central console
  • Multi-Vendor/heterogeneous environment WLAN infrastructure management, enabling simplified WLAN management at a lower TCO
  • Simplified device configuration tools
  • A cost effective and manageable way to helps organisations upgrade/migrate to 11n infrastructure
  • Unleash optimal performance in the cloud
  • AirDefense Solutions – Simplify The Management of Wireless Infrastructure 


Having your head in the cloud is definitely a good thing! Motorola Solutions will shortly launch a new VM platform for all services – a virtual software solution. Combined with Motorola’s other architectural offerings this package will be unique in the industry when it is launched in Q2.

Lower Cost Solutions

  • With the Motorola Wireless solution any 4 digit AP can be used as a stand-alone hotspot access.
  • Up to 24 APs with no licences & no controllers
  • RFS4000 and up to 144 3 digit APs
  • Migrate from 802.11 A/B/G and enhance your hotspots
  • NX9500 supports large scale deployment with up to 10,000 APs from a centralised management system.
  • Band unlocked radios and radio share technology
  • AirDefense integrated into the APs, with no additional infrastructure necessary.

Motorola Solutions AP 6522 and AP 8132 Tolly Report Results:

Case Study – Motorola Wi-Fi Deployment at Caterham F1 Team 

Hospitality & Conference Facilities:

When I travel on business the number one consideration for me is reliable and fast internet access, closely followed by a comfortable bed! I recently had a meeting in the guest lobby of well-known chain of 3 & 4 star hotels. This chain frequently caters to the business and leisure market.  During our discussion we were going through data on an iPad, and the internet access was painfully slow, laughable really. It was quicker to use the device’s cellular 4G access than the hotel’s own Wi-Fi network.

It appears I am not alone in this particular gripe. 90% of hotel guests list Wi-Fi as their top amenity choice. Customers expect high speed internet access during their stay. This is fundamental for venues that host meetings and conferences. Business travellers value location, hotel brand and loyalty programmes over price and amenities, yet 34% of these guests won’t stay at a hotel without internet.

As mobile devices become more and more ingrained in our everyday lives, the hospitality industry must embrace laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. if they want to stay relevant. From pre-trip planning and booking, to checking e-mail by the pool and check out, technology has become an integral part of the travel experience.

Improving a hotel’s wireless service today means attracting and keeping large businesses, associations and other groups searching for venues in the future. By providing in-room broadband access, as well as conference centres and meeting areas with increased density of coverage, venues can offer a differentiator that’s becoming increasingly important in today’s new, mobile world.

Without dependable, high-speed Internet access, hotels risk disappointed customers. Disappointed customers mean lower occupancy rates and less profitability.

Motorola Hospitality Wireless Solutions:

Achievetec in partnership with Motorola Solutions can provide the widest wireless offering from a small office to a nationwide solution. If you are interested in discussing a wireless solution please call on or email: Contact Us


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The Reason Motorola Solutions Are Our Preferred Partner – Clue: It’s all about the Portfolio!

Motorola Solutions recently held their Mobility Solutions Executive Conference for its key partners in Europe & Africa in Copenhagen. We were informed and entertained in Denmark’s tallest and futuristic hotel, the Bella Sky Comway.

From Achievetec’s perspective we came away with a positive outlook for the year ahead, and indeed for the years to come, after hearing what the key people in the organisation had to say. Their commitment to their channel partners and our customers’ user experience is second to none, and can be summed up by what Eduardo Conrado (SVP Marketing & IT) had to say: “We help people be their best in the moments that matter.”

It is clear from plotted graph figures that Enterprise Mobility is closely connected to the economy, and that growth is predicted in outdoor markets such as field services, warehousing and transport & logistics. Manufacturing is also predicted to grow.  The Motorola Solutions’ portfolio is perfectly suited to these sectors, and with a billion dollars of investment being made on research and development you can be confident their products are the Rolls Royce in Enterprise, but at competitive prices that will ensure efficiency, longevity and ROI for our customers.

Motorola at solutions fair

Time Magazine predicts 1.2 billion mobile workers will use Enterprise.  The PC is in decline, and tablets are holding their own. It is estimated that there are currently 2.4 billion active smartphones in the world.

Research emphatically confirms that consumer devices increase Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to fifty percent compared to rugged devices.

We live in a hyper-connected world, with You Tube ranking as the second largest search engine after Google, with 100 hours of video uploaded per minute!

To Innovate, Mobilize & Connect is at the core of the Motorola Solutions portfolio. Our combined goal is to help our customers capture relevant data, and transform it into meaningful insights, enabling intelligence and workforce mobility to function at optimum capacity.  The technology within mobile computers means that we are effectively carrying around the cognitive capacity of the human brain in our pockets!

Motorola Solutions are at the forefront of technology mega-shifts and are providing the platforms necessary for us to advise and supply you with complete Enterprise Mobility solutions across key vertical markets.

Achievetec have the entire Motorola Solutions portfolio and expertise at our disposal, and we are always at your service. #AskAchievetec

Let’s close with Marco Landi’s opening comment, “Change is inevitable, it’s how you plan and prepare for it that matters.”

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Android For Enterprise: The TC55 has landed in style…

The long awaited new device from Motorola is worth the wait. We think that Motorola have really outdone themselves with this latest rugged launch!

Business With A Personal Touch…

product-photo-tc55-dynamic-view-no-boot (2)

Today’s workers want to do business on a device that is every bit as small, appealing and easy to use as their own personal smartphones. But today’s smartphones fall far short of the business durability and feature set that discerning customers require. Introducing the TC55 Touch Computer — a rugged mobile device that looks and feels like today’s most popular smartphones, with everything workers need to work smarter and better serve customers, all in a rugged device that is built to last.

Features & Benefits of the new TC55 Touch Mobile Computer:

Advanced capacitive touch screen that works virtually anywhere: The 4.3 in. high-resolution display isn’t just bigger, it’s significantly better. Based on cutting-edge HAST LCD technology, the screen is brighter both indoors and outdoors, all while consuming substantially less energy (just one reason why the TC55 has industry-leading battery life). At 700 NITs, it has outstanding indoor luminance, and the screen’s transflective feature actually leverages direct sunlight to improve its image clarity, making it ideal for outdoor viewing as well. Furthermore, the capacitive touch panel dynamically adjusts to the current environment, enabling it to work with or without gloves, wet or dry and with your finger or a stylus.

Service from the Start for enhanced peace of mind: Included as standard when you purchase the TC55, Service from the Start provides normal wear and tear repair coverage for 24 months with a dependable three-day repair turnaround time, along with additional service options. No matter where you are located, Motorola’s global support infrastructure helps ensure expert repair, reliable turnaround times, along with prompt technical telephone, email and online support.

Fortified for the enterprise with Extensions by Motorola Solutions: New Mx features allow the user to upgrade the already powerful Android 4.1.2 OS to a more robust, enterprise solution. Increased compatibility with existing applications and an additional layer of management and security enhancements enable greater control and enterprise functionality.

Integrated Scanner and Imager for Fast, Accurate Data Capture: Increase productivity with the integrated 1D scanner, an optional 1D/2D ring-style Bluetooth scanner, an 8 MP camera, and Near Field Communications (NFC), so workers can quickly and easily capture virtually any type of data at the press of a button.

enterprise-application-tc55-merchandiser-stylus-david-johnson (2)

Expanded enterprise software for rapid deployment: A wide variety of applications ready for Android are available to help businesses in many vertical markets improve mobile workforce efficiency.

The best of both worlds: Why settle for only looks or only performance? The TC55 is a complete business solution, featuring a sleek design without compromising the capabilities or durability you expect from an enterprise mobile device.

Leveraging over 80 years of Motorola voice leadership: From police to firemen, people all over the world rely on Motorola’s clear sound technology for life-saving decisions. The TC55 leverages this expertise to produce unparalleled voice output based on dual front-facing speakers that yield four times the volume of popular smartphones from Apple and Samsung. Coupled with dual microphones with precision, noise-cancelling technology, the TC55 delivers outstanding clarity at both ends of the call, even in noisy environments, for a no-compromise voice solution.

enterprise-application-tc55-field-service-phone-glove-david-johnson (2)

Pertinent Questions                                                 

  • Do your workers want a small consumer-style smartphone form factor but need enterprise-class durability and features?
  • Would you like to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of the Android operating system, but are very concerned about application compatibility, security, device management and the ability to utilise an enterprise-class feature set?
  • Field service operations: Would you like to reduce the cost per visit, enable technicians to handle more sales calls per day and improve the quality of customer service?
  • Sales/merchandising operations: Would you like to improve sales and inventory management?
  • Postal/delivery operations: Would you like to enable real-time tracking and confirmation of deliveries?

Total Cost of Ownership: World-renowned mobile analyst group VDC Research prove that over five years, enterprises will spend fifty percent less to purchase and support rugged smartphones vs. consumer smartphones.

Factors include:

  • Consumer smartphones fail 20 percent of the time
  • Consumer smartphones do not have enough power to last a full shift, 20 percent of time
  • The device must be replaced more frequently due to lack of durability
  • The cost of downtime when a device breaks
  • Consumer units go end of life in months rather than years, so replacements and add-on units are problematic to source and require further recourse to the costs of testing and implementation.
  • Faster device churn often translates into the need for new accessories for new models
  • Incremental costs to add accessories to obtain business critical features, such as industrial bar code scanning

Read the VDC White Paper on TCO.

Examples of use in industry:

Home Healthcare: With anytime, anywhere access to patient data, records can be updated in real-time. Using the barcode scanner, nurses can scan the patient’s wristband and medication barcodes, ensuring the right patient receives the right medication and the right dose through the right route, at the right time. This creates an added security measure and a clear audit trail. Confidently use the TC55 in almost any enterprise environment.

With a user-replaceable battery, a super low power display and 2x the battery capacity of the competition, this device has plenty of power for a full shift. Inventory management – With an integrated 1D linear imager and 8MP camera, scanning barcodes on 1D and 2D medical supplies at the point of administration, eliminates the need to manual check stock. Automate inventory status and process orders for new stock seamlessly as they are used.

Emergency support – With multiple ways to communicate, using the latest networks. With dynamic rescheduling applications, support can be dispatched in the case of emergencies and appointments rescheduled based on priorities.

Field Service Mobility: Open the Lines of Communication – Help your workers collaborate with high-quality, reliable voice and data communication using the latest networks. Manage your workforce and workflow more effectively with location-based applications, optimized routing and real-time updates.

True Mobility – Your workers now have all the information they need to complete work orders in the field and move on to the next task, enabling seamless workflow. Confidently use the TC55 in almost any enterprise environment. This durable, reliable device is built to survive drops, spills, tumbles, rain, cold, dirt and more, enabling uninterrupted workflow. With a user-replaceable battery, a super low power display and battery life that outperforms the competition, this device has plenty of power for a full shift.

Enterprise_Application_TC55_Field_Service_Camera_A29Q7909_David_Johnson (2)

Access to Organisation Data – When out in the field, your workforce has the real-time information they need to get the job done literally at their fingertips. Enhance every customer interaction with all the resources needed to better serve your customers on the spot.

Law Enforcement: True Mobility – Your officers now have all the information they need to respond to situations in the field and the functionality to capture and record critical intelligence. With a range of data capture options including an integrated 1D linear imager, intelligence can be captured, reviewed and circulated with colleagues.

Confidently use the TC55 in almost any environment. This durable, reliable device is built to survive drops, spills, tumbles, rain, cold, dirt and more, enabling uninterrupted operations. With a user-replaceable battery, a super low power display and 2x the battery capacity of the competition, this device has plenty of power for a full shift.

Enhancing Efficiency – When on the street, your officers have the real-time communications they need to get the job done. From access to daily briefings to e-citations and field reporting the TC55 help increase visibility on the streets and enhance police efficiency.

It’s not just us saying how great this touch computer is – see some reviews:

Tech Week Europe:

IT Pro:


TC55 Introduction Video

On the Road to a Productive Day

Flexible Dual Mode Touch Panel

Enterprise Data Capture

Enterprise Class Durability

Business Tough Even In Wet Conditions

Achievetec are proud to be partnering Skillweb to supply the TC55 to the Security Sector. See the advantages of SmartTask Security on the TC55:

More information is also available on our website. You can contact us via our freephone number 0800 542 0811 or via Twitter #AskAchievetec



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Can you afford not to think about Encryption?

We all live in an increasingly digital world. Effectively we are all vulnerable to theft, hacking and loss of vital information.

Let’s think about the consequences of losing valuable data. At the lower end of the scale it will possibly cause embarrassment, and some hassle with time and input. On the other end of the scale it could mean that private information for thousands of people is in the hands of unscrupulous individuals and organisations, with major repercussions for all involved in an organisation suffering such a loss.

Large fines could be levied, which is the situation Glasgow Council found themselves in when they were fined £150,000 by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for the theft of two deskbound laptops containing sensitive data without the prescribed disc encryption. ICO imposed fines and penalties for data breaches resulting from data protection failings can be in excess of £100,000.

Companies, local and central government, military organisations, health trusts, policing, security agencies and any group that stores personal files, private data and especially those pertaining to national security really only have once choice when it comes to data security – and that choice is Becrypt.


• Becrypt is the only hard disc encryption software authorised by CESG for Central and Local Government protection and now the only software approved to protect devices used by NATO:
• Becrypt protects HMRC:
• Windows 8 solution launched: 
• UK Public Sector fines increase for data losses:

Becrypt Corporate Video

We are proud to say that Achievetec are only one of a handful of companies in the UK to be recognised as a Becrypt Gold Level Partner, fully able to supply and install hard disc encryption for clients.

Achievetec have also been working hard with Lenovo, the World’s number one Enterprise PC manufacturer to ensure that the target tablet market for mobile workers for our partners is covered. For example, Achievetec have obtained accreditation for the Lenovo Tablet 2, Helix and Twist from Becrypt, the only reseller to have done so in the UK. Further new models will follow.

Becrypt runs in the background and once a tablet, laptop or PC is protected there is no further intrusion into the use of the device, other than input of the sign in password which can be synchronised to, for example, the initial Microsoft sign in.

Becrypt Disc Protect offers:
• Full disk encryption for desktop and laptop PCs
• Doesn’t impact the end user and easy to use Secure data at Restricted & Confidential, impact levels 3 & 4
• Encrypts data on removable media (eg. USB sticks)
• Managed through Enterprise Manager Dashboard.
• CAPS Accredited

The Government Connect Secure Extranet (GCSX)
The GCSX network provides a secure infrastructure for councils and other public bodies to share and transfer sensitive information. In order to join GCSX councils need to demonstrate compliance to a list of technical controls, known collectively as a code of connection (CoCo).

It costs far less for councils, government departments and private enterprise to be compliant than not to be, protecting sensitive data for their organisation.

Doing so has many positives:
• Significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and improves overall security of information.
• Giving Full compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act and IS027001 Security standard.
• An organisation could safely extend flexible working solutions whilst making users increasingly aware of data security across business.
• Reduces reliance on other methods of encryption such as USB Sticks
• Taking steps to achieve GCSX compliance in good time for changes announced for April 2014
• Maintain your organisation’s reputation as a responsible data controller.

And the costs of licences and implementation are far outweighed by the risk of any data loss.

We are told that by spring 2014, all government bodies will have to be using approved CESG hard disc encryption, and Becrypt are currently the only CESG and NATO software to fulfil this requirement.

Contact us for further information and pricing, on or call us on 0800 542 0811. You can also tweet us @achievetec on any aspect of enterprise mobility. #AskAchievetec

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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by to read the first Achievetec blog.  As the name suggests, we will be speaking our mind on our primary subject of interest: Enterprise Mobility.

We’ll try and give you insights from our perspective in the industry and our take on where this rapidly evolving market is potentially heading and helpful insights to guide you into the future…

There’s no denying there has been considerable uncertainty in the Enterprise Mobility sector relating to Microsoft. The core rugged Motorola Solutions devices, stable, sturdy and enduring as they are; have come up against the trendy competitor Android, (the IN platform) it seems everybody wants and consumers seem to be driving the software vendors to produce applications on the Android platform.

In an ideal world what we all want is hardware that we don’t ever have to change/migrate as this is where the hidden costs are!

Did you know that Microsoft have migrated the 6.5.3 platform to an embedded platform and extended support until 2020; so all is well again.

Even though Motorola Solutions guarantee their devices for three to five years on the current Windows 6.5 platform (along with comprehensive Gold & Bronze Service packages), in some cases this has not alleviated potential clients’ worries about being left behind what other competitors might be using. Nothing causes panic like out of date technology!

For a while Motorola and Microsoft did not seem to quash the fears in the market by announcing any new developments, or even produce a device that might be an attractive alternative for these customers, (although this has now been rectified with the news that a rugged Android device is in development.)

At present Motorola Solutions have no comparable rugged/tough pda’s/smartphones that operate on Android, and this has caused some of our clients to choose devices that may be all the rage now, but simply have no longevity or durability, not offering the chance of a decent return on investment because of the transient nature of the product.

Behind the scenes Microsoft has been working with business on developing Handheld Embedded. More info:

Even more encouraging is the direction it is taking with our main partners, Motorola Solutions.

Kevin Dallas, general manager, Windows Embedded, Microsoft Corp.

“Our work with Motorola Solutions is a key building block in helping to provide enterprises with the power of Windows Phone 8 for handheld devices within intelligent systems. From security and manageability to application compatibility across devices, the Windows Embedded 8 Handheld platform combined with Motorola’s innovative devices and tools will support integrated solutions for enterprises as they drive their businesses into the future.”

Here is the exciting low down on how Motorola Solutions are working with Embedded to bring amazing benefits to the retail sector:





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