Can you afford not to think about Encryption?

We all live in an increasingly digital world. Effectively we are all vulnerable to theft, hacking and loss of vital information.

Let’s think about the consequences of losing valuable data. At the lower end of the scale it will possibly cause embarrassment, and some hassle with time and input. On the other end of the scale it could mean that private information for thousands of people is in the hands of unscrupulous individuals and organisations, with major repercussions for all involved in an organisation suffering such a loss.

Large fines could be levied, which is the situation Glasgow Council found themselves in when they were fined £150,000 by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for the theft of two deskbound laptops containing sensitive data without the prescribed disc encryption. ICO imposed fines and penalties for data breaches resulting from data protection failings can be in excess of £100,000.

Companies, local and central government, military organisations, health trusts, policing, security agencies and any group that stores personal files, private data and especially those pertaining to national security really only have once choice when it comes to data security – and that choice is Becrypt.


• Becrypt is the only hard disc encryption software authorised by CESG for Central and Local Government protection and now the only software approved to protect devices used by NATO:
• Becrypt protects HMRC:
• Windows 8 solution launched: 
• UK Public Sector fines increase for data losses:

Becrypt Corporate Video

We are proud to say that Achievetec are only one of a handful of companies in the UK to be recognised as a Becrypt Gold Level Partner, fully able to supply and install hard disc encryption for clients.

Achievetec have also been working hard with Lenovo, the World’s number one Enterprise PC manufacturer to ensure that the target tablet market for mobile workers for our partners is covered. For example, Achievetec have obtained accreditation for the Lenovo Tablet 2, Helix and Twist from Becrypt, the only reseller to have done so in the UK. Further new models will follow.

Becrypt runs in the background and once a tablet, laptop or PC is protected there is no further intrusion into the use of the device, other than input of the sign in password which can be synchronised to, for example, the initial Microsoft sign in.

Becrypt Disc Protect offers:
• Full disk encryption for desktop and laptop PCs
• Doesn’t impact the end user and easy to use Secure data at Restricted & Confidential, impact levels 3 & 4
• Encrypts data on removable media (eg. USB sticks)
• Managed through Enterprise Manager Dashboard.
• CAPS Accredited

The Government Connect Secure Extranet (GCSX)
The GCSX network provides a secure infrastructure for councils and other public bodies to share and transfer sensitive information. In order to join GCSX councils need to demonstrate compliance to a list of technical controls, known collectively as a code of connection (CoCo).

It costs far less for councils, government departments and private enterprise to be compliant than not to be, protecting sensitive data for their organisation.

Doing so has many positives:
• Significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and improves overall security of information.
• Giving Full compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act and IS027001 Security standard.
• An organisation could safely extend flexible working solutions whilst making users increasingly aware of data security across business.
• Reduces reliance on other methods of encryption such as USB Sticks
• Taking steps to achieve GCSX compliance in good time for changes announced for April 2014
• Maintain your organisation’s reputation as a responsible data controller.

And the costs of licences and implementation are far outweighed by the risk of any data loss.

We are told that by spring 2014, all government bodies will have to be using approved CESG hard disc encryption, and Becrypt are currently the only CESG and NATO software to fulfil this requirement.

Contact us for further information and pricing, on or call us on 0800 542 0811. You can also tweet us @achievetec on any aspect of enterprise mobility. #AskAchievetec

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