Cielo Tablet: Windows 8.1 Industry Enterprise Tablet

Cielo Tablet

The Box cielo tablet is an enterprise class tablet PC built for business to embrace  mobile technology.  Running either Windows 8 Industry or Android,and sporting a fully integrated Chip & PIN device, the cielo tablet is the ideal device which may be quickly and easily integrated into your existing Windows  IT infrastructure.

The Box cielo tablet is the ideal platform to support a retailer’s existing EPoS applications as well as new clienteling and mobile EPoS solutions.

Measuring a comfortable 8.3″ or 10.1″, and with a slim, light body, the new Box cielo tablet is certain to be a winningTablet MOOD Small choice to support in-store assisted sales. Box has carefully studied the specific needs of the retail community and has designed and delivered a tablet to support the retailer at every stage in the sales process.

  • Rugged 8.3″ or 10.1″ tablet  supporting Windows 8.1 embedded Industry Retail or Android
  • Small footprint dock with Bluetooth and a wide range of USB, network and expansion ports
  • IP54 rated  for excellent splash and dust resistance
  • Drop resistant to 1-metre, [1.8m with optional MIL cover]
  •  Z3745 quad-core Bay Trail-T processor
  • Bright 1900×1280 hi-resolution screen
  • Integrated Chip & PIN device
  • Integrated 2-D scanner
  • Carry-sling for secure, effort-less portability
  • Desk-top slick pole mount capability for retail and hospitality use

* Content from Box Technolgies

Achievetec is a Box Technology partner.



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How to maximise your return on investment: Deploy rugged rather than consumer smartphones.

Yes you guessed it; we’re wading in to the Rugged versus Consumer debate!

We are now in the era of confluence: Where consumer devices have infiltrated the traditional enterprise space.

Heavy Equipment ET1_D3X4213 (2) 4 web bannerExciting new options from Motorola Solutions such as the new TC55, MC40 and ET1 tablet combine the best of both worlds for enterprise customers. Increasingly businesses are considering consumer smartphones for outdoor and challenging environmental usage, but they do not have the durability, manageability or functionality necessary for everyday use in harsher business applications. Some popular analysts report that consumer smart phones increase TCO by up to 50% compared to rugged devices. But not all situations are the same.

Hard & Soft Costs:

Hard Costs that are written into the tender are the ones that procurement departments are most concerned with, eg. the actual hardware, platform, peripherals and software costs. Hidden costs can range from 60-70% of ongoing contract costs, such as initial and ongoing training, system maintenance and technical support, downtime, including lost manpower, lost revenue and HW replacement. The time taken to repair and replace consumer devices can roll into weeks.

Each 1% increase in device failure equates to a 5% increase in TCO.

Consumer device longevity is much shorter than durable and rugged, with smartphone platforms only lasting for a year or two.


“A non-rugged device (consumer smartphone) will have a 27% higher TCO compared to a rugged device over 4 years based on the *Platform pattern using 500 unit deployment.”

Gartner – TCO Mobile Devices 2012 Update


The Hidden Costs of Consumer Grade Devices:

Key investment recommendations:

  • Let the application and environment drive device selection
  • Don’t make accessories an afterthought
  • Prepare for the ‘hidden costs’
  • Don’t underestimate post deployment management and support costs
  • Focus on sustainable application development
  • Develop mobile talent
  • Battery management is a key requirement

TC55 poster snapshotBuilt for all day enterprise use – unlike smartphones with a 3-5 year lifecycle:

  • 1.2M drop spec (military standard rating for reliability)
  • Tumble tested – survives 300 consecutive hits in Motorola’s tumble drum
  • IP67 – (Ingress Protection) survives submersion in water for 30 minutes
  • Corning Gorilla Glass  2 display/scanner exit – prevents scratches and shattering when dropped
  • TC55 vs. Consumer Products – TCO White Paper

Environmental factors:

  • Use of device in direct sunlight
  • Use of device with a gloved hand in the rain (perfect for Utilities, Construction & Field Service)
  • Use of device in wet conditions
  • Device exposure to extreme (high/low) temperatures
  • Device exposure to extreme vibration

Motorola Solutions TC55 Video: Business Tough Even in Wet Conditions:

Consumer devices forego Enterprise core values:

  • Security Vulnerabilities – No application lockdown/White listing, User vs. IT control
  • Limited WiFi Support – Poor or no support for 5GHz (interference avoidance & system capacity). Limited security profiles, limited fast roaming.
  • Consumer Lifecycles – Regular OS and device updates, often with compatability issues and form factor changes.
  • Durability/Impact Susceptibility
  • Low audio output
  • Limited data privacy
  • No roadmap, making future planning a challenge
  • Consumer focussed
  • Battery Management – lower energy batteries to maintain slim profile, no battery replacement or swap, lifecycle and management.
  • Multi-piece Solutions – Scanning, imaging, supplemental battery
  • Multi-User – Designed for single user whereas enterprise customers often need shared devices.
  • Limited Data Collection
  • Compliance to Rgulatory Mandates
  • Theft – Purpose built devices are not generally sought out for theft
  • App Procurements

New – Total Cost of Ownership Tool:

enterprise-application-tc55-field-service-rain-close-up-david-johnson-2-4-web-banner2Achievetec now have access to Motorola Solution’s latest online TCO calculator, which will enable us to make a comparison between the value of a rugged device against an alternate consumer smartphone you may be considering. With specific numbers and expected lifecycle and usage, we can produce a custom PDF report for our enterprise customers which give an executive summary, plus:

  • Detailed Results by Cost Category and Cost Year
  • Cumulative Project Costs
  • Considerations Beyond TCO
  • The Importance of TCO Analysis
  • Data Entered into Model & Underlying Assumptions

Other Resources:

GartnerTotal Cost of Ownership of Mobile Devices 2012 Update

White papers:

Selecting The Right Mobile Device – For Your Healthcare Environment 

IDG Connect – Field Mobility Research

VDC Research – Mobility In Manufacturing & Logistics

VDC Research – Tablets in the Enterprise


Mobile Enterprise – 3 False Assumptions About Enterprise Devices

Field Technologies Online – The Pro-Rugged Perspective — Why Consumer-Grade Just Won’t Cut It For Our Field Operation

Stephen Northcott’s Blog for Motorola Solutions

You are welcome to #AskAchievetec about ROI and TCO and also about any previous blogs or other aspects of your enterprise. We’d be happy to give you advice and information to help you with your enterprise mobility needs. Call us on 0800 542 0811 or email: or tweet us @achievetec.

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Enterprise WiFi from Motorola

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow WiFi system, especially if you have just paid for the service. A good example is some hotel conference suites. When you sign in at arrival time all is well but as the day progresses throughput crawls to snails pace and maintaining connections become very difficult.

Did you know there is a very good technical reason for this?

WiFi on the cheap may seem a good idea at the time. Deploying a “cheap” of the shelf WiFI unit and Access Point (AP) may seem adequate but just as you would not use a laptop to serve a business critical application you should not use a cheap WiFi setup to serve customers. As the load goes up with increased connections of the shelf WiFi units simply can not cope and frustration will ensue.

Motorola Solutions provides some top kit to ensure your customers stay content and get the service they deserve. The Motorola WiFi kit is almost always hidden from view. They are inside false ceilings, high on walls and behind false walls. Why is this? The units are utilitarian devices that do not feature fancy swooping shiny plastic cases with flashing lights. They look like spiders and are built to last and do the job! Take a look at the nooks and crannies of your favourite supermarket, retail shop, hospital etc etc, and you will see them!

A Motorola AP8132 “bug”


Couple the hardware with the Wing 5 software and controllers and you have a robust extensible platform that gives you control and enterprise features that other vendors simply can not match.


Motorola has a very impressive Retail Experience Centre at their offices in Basingstoke and having been there a few times I can safely say every single demonstration unit / system works properly. As an ex-IMBer I know how to fake a demo to make it look like everything works properly. Smoke and daggers training is part and parcel of being an IBM tech sales dude but I am happy report that the Motorola REC works properly.

The Motorola REC is much bigger then this picture that simply depicts the zones.




If you are interested in visiting the centre then please send us a request and we will be happy to assist.

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