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There is nothing more frustrating than a slow WiFi system, especially if you have just paid for the service. A good example is some hotel conference suites. When you sign in at arrival time all is well but as the day progresses throughput crawls to snails pace and maintaining connections become very difficult.

Did you know there is a very good technical reason for this?

WiFi on the cheap may seem a good idea at the time. Deploying a “cheap” of the shelf WiFI unit and Access Point (AP) may seem adequate but just as you would not use a laptop to serve a business critical application you should not use a cheap WiFi setup to serve customers. As the load goes up with increased connections of the shelf WiFi units simply can not cope and frustration will ensue.

Motorola Solutions provides some top kit to ensure your customers stay content and get the service they deserve. The Motorola WiFi kit is almost always hidden from view. They are inside false ceilings, high on walls and behind false walls. Why is this? The units are utilitarian devices that do not feature fancy swooping shiny plastic cases with flashing lights. They look like spiders and are built to last and do the job! Take a look at the nooks and crannies of your favourite supermarket, retail shop, hospital etc etc, and you will see them!

A Motorola AP8132 “bug”


Couple the hardware with the Wing 5 software and controllers and you have a robust extensible platform that gives you control and enterprise features that other vendors simply can not match.


Motorola has a very impressive Retail Experience Centre at their offices in Basingstoke and having been there a few times I can safely say every single demonstration unit / system works properly. As an ex-IMBer I know how to fake a demo to make it look like everything works properly. Smoke and daggers training is part and parcel of being an IBM tech sales dude but I am happy report that the Motorola REC works properly.

The Motorola REC is much bigger then this picture that simply depicts the zones.




If you are interested in visiting the centre then please send us a request and we will be happy to assist.

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