How 3 levels of locationing can dramatically change store engagement



A shopper visits a retail store armed with their mobile phone but does the retailer know, or be able to identify, or interact with them. Sound familiar? Essentially retailers are leaving customers to navigate the store, and find and pay for their items without any engagement whatsoever.

But what if the retailer could connect with the customers at multiple points throughout the store? They would be able to welcome them upon entry, suggest products and promotions relative to the aisle they’re in, and create offers personalised to their shopping history and preferences. Motorola Solutions Mpact platform for mobile marketing can do just this, and in the process, increase profits and customer satisfaction.

The 3 levels of store locationing: Presence, Zone, Position

MPact provides three tiers of locationing for customer engagement of – presence, zone, and position. With this advanced locationing capability, you will know who is in the store, how long they are in certain store sections and what type of products they’re shopping for to provide a personalized shopping journey that elevates the experience .

Detect customers as they walk through the door, or are even while they’re still in the car park. Send them a hello and personalised assistance for their store visit. By doing so, the retailer will be delivering a positive impression, even before the shopping experience has started.

Wherever customers are in-store, with locationing it possible to know exactly which area they’re in, so the retailer can send zone specific offers e.g. 20% off selected kitchenware. In bigger stores customers may not be able to find their way around. locationing can push out maps, layouts and step-by-step directions. It will save customers valuable time, make them feel supported and well assisted, and much happier with their experience as a result.

Know exactly where a customer is, even right down to item level. Using the latest Bluetooth and wireless locationing technology retailers will be able to pinpoint their precise position (down to just one metre). Send promotions to their smartphone right at the physical point of selection e.g. an e-coupon for a kettle, and provide the information where it’s needed most – right at the point of decision.

To get the mix right, it’s a good idea to have all three of these locationing tools. In doing so, retailers will be able to deliver personalisation and assistance at a highly granular level. Customers will enjoy the fact that they can receive reviews and offers precisely when they need them, not when they write or type out their shopping list, or after they’ve left the aisle undecided.

Real-time insight
Locationing doesn’t just mean better interactions with customers. It can also improve operational behaviours through analysing trends and accessing real-time heat maps that show where the store is getting busy. Retailers will then be able to allocate resources accordingly, to improve queuing and making staff available to better serve the customer, for example. It will help to reveal trends and uncover what’s working for the store in terms of merchandise, track seasonal changes, making stock purchasing and store layout decisions more accurate.

When combining location and analytics it will help gain deeper insight into individual customers, by determining their in-store activity, purchase history and preferences. All of this can be fed back to internal teams and stored in data archives for use by ‘connected staff’ or other promotional activities – depending on the stores data policies.

To ensure the most is made of locationing and analytics, integrate the data captured existing CRM and other marketing and management systems. This will drive both customer and internal satisfaction quickly, and deliver a speedier ROI.

MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing from Motorola Solutions is the first of-its-kind to offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® SMART technology, to engage with shoppers in aisle where buying decisions are made. The solution will allow shoppers to opt-in and receive customized offers and personal assistance via their Bluetooth SMART-trigged loyalty app. In addition access Wi-Fi to locate products in store, read reviews, compare prices and look up information.

*Content from Motorola

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